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Production Management

  Provide one-click customized productions based on the regulatory or other requests
  Track all the production related requests from multiple sources
  Maintain up to date production history and tracking across cases

Production Request Tracking

With this, you can effortlessly manage and track the fulfillment of all the production requests from their origination till their delivery, across multiple custodians and across cases.

Moreover, you can customize the approval hierarchy that is required to initiate production requests and deliver productions, differently for different cases and matters, to suit the requirements of your organization.

Production History Tracking

Effortlessly track all the history of productions and produced documents across custodians and across case or matters.

With this, you can automatically generate alerts for any duplicate productions or documents that have already been produced as part of the same case or matter.

One-Click Customized Production

Achieve one-click production of documents along with the images and native files, with customized production templates based on the nature of the case or matter, in the required formats.

Moreover, close integration with world’s leading eDiscovery review platforms enables you to choose to execute the productions from OptimumTM or the native review platform.