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Discover your new eDiscovery Case Manager!

Case Management features help you to consistently organize all the relevant data related to your case and matter management such as court information, counsel information, litigation support information, custodian and stakeholder information etc. You can tailor the smallest details related to the real-time status updates across your entire eDiscovery portfolio, all in one place, summarized across cases and across stages.

Unlock Your Legal Hold capabilities like never before!

Powerful Legal Hold capabilities enable you to effectively send legal hold notices, receive acknowledgements and apply non-destruct features to secure the data from any spoliation, intentionally or otherwise. Close integration with your organizational enterprise systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and other software will enable automatic validation of names, emails and other employee details.

Automate your Data Collection!

Automated collection through seamless integration with our collection engine partners, enables you to collect all the identified custodian data, be it emails or user files, in a forensically sound manner. Chain-of-custody procedures are followed to ensure the defensibility of the data and process.

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