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Dashboard & Reporting

  Overall one-stop dashboard to keep you updated in real-time on the progress across multiple matters or cases
  Gain unparalleled insights to optimize your litigation spending and efficiency.
  Customized reports to cater to the requirements of your organization

Stay Updated Always

With this, you can effortlessly manage, track and stay updated across matters or cases, with real-time progress updates on all the stages of eDiscovery, from data source identification till production.

Decades of eDiscovery consulting experience is leveraged to design dashboards to indicate progress of completed as well as outstanding tasks at the case or matter level as well as eDiscovery stages.

Unparalleled Insights

Powerful integration between OptimumTM and other partnering eDiscovery software providers mean that all the statistics related to every stage of eDiscovery is captured for analysis, including machine level and resource level statistics.

With this, you can slice and dice into the data from the dashboard to dig deeper and gain more valuable insights at any level (matter, case, custodian, eDiscovery stage, document etc.). This can be further leveraged to optimize your litigation spending and efficiency.

Customized Reports

Customized reports can be designed to generate periodic or on-demand reports to display all the relevant data that may be required for your teams or leadership to access the progress at the matter or case level for necessary decision making.

Privacy Considerations

Any considerations for privacy or regulations such as GDPR, can be easily built into the permissions and hierarchy levels, so that none of the information or only summary level information can be viewed by persons outside of the entity, as per the permissions granted.