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  • Internal Investigation Teams: Are They Sufficiently Equipped?
    July 02, 2018
      Srikanth Devarapalli, VP - Marketing  

    An Internal Investigation is a formal inquiry into any kind of wrongdoings in an organization. Being able to analyze large amounts of information is cumbersome, however, with more and more Internal teams coming up data and information management has become much easier and more accurate.

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  • Rise of Internal Investigations: Temporary phenomenon or Regular Trend?
    June 22, 2018
      Amarnath Gurram, Legal Services  

    Internal Investigation teams are now on the rise in organizations. An internal team allows for faster response and identification of fraud. eDiscovery software have proven to speed up the investigation of Internal teams.

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  • eDiscovery: Handling the security issues
    May 28, 2018

    eDiscovery professionals deal with huge amounts of data each day. The security and authenticity of this data is a crucial concern. Keeping the security in mind, it is important for organizations to improve their cyber security standards.

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  • In-house vs Outsourced eDiscovery: Which is better?
    May 10, 2018

    eDiscovery is a thriving field and organizations are now choosing between Inhouse and Outsourced teams. Inhouse eDiscovery enables an organisation to perform all the eDiscovery stages using companies resources, whereas outsourced eDiscovery transfers the eDiscovery process to an external vendor.

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  • E-Discovery: Effect of International Laws related to Privacy
    April 22, 2018
      Meghana Lanka  

    International Privacy laws change the way we can transfer files and work on projects. These laws can be challenges that need workarounds and have the potential to effect cases.

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