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Our highly experienced team of eDiscovery analysts, can help you to successfully cater to the crucial data processing stage of eDiscovery project management. With our proprietary processing management workflow tailor-made for various matters, we ensure that your processing needs are met in a faster and accurate manner. We use industry’s best software and technology such as Nuix, Ipro, Relativity to perform the processing of all the relevant data, after identifying the best appropriate strategy.

Our overall workflow management framework, ensures that there is a smooth transition from collection to processing of the data. We process your data using the appropriate or desired industry-best or preferred software along with performing culling, deduplication, exclusion of data and Early Case Assessment (ECA) to help you with appropriate decision-making before proceeding to the review of the data.

Leveraging industry-best tools, we can perform the processing vast range of data types such as emails, user files, audio recordings, mobile phone conversations, instant messages and so on.

Often, processing stage of eDiscovery provides you with crucial information that may be required to course-correct or validate your project requirements. We help you with performing this, in a time-effective and efficient manner.

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