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Managed eDiscovery Services

Our Managed eDiscovery Service is designed to help organizations and law firms to save time, effort and cost, while reducing eDiscovery management risk. We help you to deliver on your eDiscovery projects, whether big or small, by ensuring quality through expert guidance, planning and execution. Our team of highly experienced eDiscovery professionals work with your legal and eDiscovery teams to put in place the optimal strategy or playbook for various eDiscovery matters, that will help you to efficiently handle complex regulatory and eDiscovery projects.

We currently offer two diverse models for managed eDiscovery Services as below:

Services On-Premises Model Off-Premises Model
Location of Project Execution Client's office location Majorly from Vertical Discovery's office location
Staffing Comprises of resources from client's team as well as Vertical Discovery Comprises of resources from Vertical Discovery
Licensing Costs To be taken care of by client or Vertical Discovery To be taken care of by Vertical Discovery
Infrastructure To be provided by client To be provided by Vertical Discovery

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