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Data Preservation and Collections

With the ever-increasing data sources, both in volume as well as variety, organizations are facing increasing challenges when it comes to collecting the custodian data from across various sources, in a defensible and time-effective manner. On top of this, there are various data privacy laws that need to be considered when executing the same, to reduce any exposure to legal risk.

Our specialized forensic and eDiscovery analysts have vast experience in identifying as well as collecting data from various online and cloud-based data storage and communication systems, enterprise storage and collaboration systems and personal digital devices like mobile phones and PDAs.

We can partner with you to help you in locating, identifying, segregating, collecting and preserving the data from various environments in a defensible and time-effective manner. Our services include:

  • Complete on-site collection
  • Remote collection
  • Mobile Data collection
  • Cross-border collection
  • Our forensic data collection specialists will provide you with the guidance and execution expertise that is required to attend to a defensible collection of data.

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