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Automated Processing, Hosting & Review Setup

  With just one-click, automatically process and host the custodian data, ready for review
  Enhance your quality assurance through automated multiple quality checks
  End-to-end tracking on progress across all the stages with real-time dashboards

One-click to go from pre-processing to review

With easily customizable templates, you can quickly and effortlessly automate the entire heavy-lifting of eDiscovery tasks from the processing stage till review. What this means is that, with just one-click, your teams can complete all the tasks including quality control checks for processing, hosting and review setup, delivering the results ready for review by your legal teams on the review platform.

Moreover, close integration with world’s leading eDiscovery software providers like Nuix, Relativity etc. enables you to choose your preferred software that you are comfortable with, to power most of the eDiscovery tasks while OptimumTM.

Exponentially Higher Efficiency

OptimumTM identifies and maximizes the most efficient workflow possible for your eDiscovery tasks based on priority and with consideration of the platform and environmental factors.

Additionally, OptimumTM completely leverages most of the hitherto under-leveraged features of partnering eDiscovery software providers like multi-threading etc. to maximize the utilization of your licenses of these software, thereby giving more for your investment.

Unparalleled Insights

Smart multi-layered approach through case management and workflow provided by OptimumTM along with tight integration with other eDiscovery software provides unparalleled insights into each eDiscovery stage without the costly and time-consuming need of human analysis and monitoring.

One-stop dashboard allows end-to-end tracking of the progress in real-time across custodians and across cases or matters.

Automated Quality Checks

With automation driving the inbuilt quality checks, you can eliminate the vast human effort required to check and verify numerous quality check procedures like file counts, duplicates etc.

This will allow your teams to efficiently manage their time and effort, while focusing on the more important tasks, thereby increasing your overall productivity.

Managed Troubleshooting

Powerful integration with our partnering eDiscovery software providers mean that you can leverage OptimumTM’s error management and quality assurance features to automatically attend to any troubleshooting.

Also, extensive eDiscovery consulting and service experience ensures that most of the practical difficulties experienced through the stages of eDiscovery have been considered and attended to, through automated troubleshooting mechanisms.

Synchronization Across Platforms

Information and data is constantly synchronized across OptimumTM and the native environments of our partnering eDiscovery software providers, so that users can switch between them effortlessly and see the same data.