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Automated Data Collection

   Automatically identify and collect custodian data
   Enhance your quality assurance through automated quality checks
   Stay on top of updates related to collection progress with real-time dashboards

Automated Identification

This module helps you to quickly identify all the relevant and available data sources related to the custodians. This can be done across various data categories including email, user files, and also across various enterprise platforms such as Microsoft Exchange Server and online / cloud platforms like Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, box, etc.

Moreover, close integration with your organizational enterprise systems like Microsoft Exchange Server, SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft will enable you to avoid any errors through automatic validation of usernames, emails and other employee details.

Automated Collection

Automated collection feature, ensured through the tightest integration with our collection engine partners, enables you to collect all the identified custodian data, be it emails or user files, in a forensically sound manner.

Moreover, chain-of-custody procedures are followed in the collection of custodian information to ensure the defensibility of the data and process.

One-stop dashboard allows you to track the collection progress in real-time across custodians and across cases or matters.

Automated Quality Checks

With automation driving the inbuilt quality checks, you can eliminate the vast human effort required to check and perform numerous quality check procedures such as file counts, duplicates etc.

This will allow your teams to more efficiently manage their time and effort, while focusing on the more important tasks, thereby increasing your overall productivity.

Customized Approvals

The approval process that is required to identify and collect the custodian data, can be easily customized to suit the requirements of your organization. This will bring in an additional level of security while acquiring custodian data, preventing any unauthorized collections.

You can customize the approval hierarchy differently for different case and matter types, bringing in more layers of authorization as required by the sensitivity of the case.